Retarder (in other words: Intrader, Telma, Mountain, Frictional, Water) is a device for a long-term braking (photo). It is mainly used in trucks and buses with a high mass, where the use of this solution allows to avoid a fast brake overheating. Control of the retarder can be both automatic and manual. The first solution is fully automated, what means that driver, by pressing the brake pedal, activates the retarder operation. In the second case - manual system - driver uses a lever mounted in the area of a steering wheel which triggers additional braking (retarder). Auto-Cuby to its buses fits only retarders provided by Telma, well known and enjoying a good reputation producer. Mounting of a retader Telma is additionally covered by the warranty of the Mercedes-Benz. It should also be mentioned about the measurable benefits offered by this type of additional braking system:

  • fast amortization of expenses
  • no wear
  • high braking torque
  • maintain a constant speed at the downhill ride
  • a wide temperature range
  • low power consumption
  • connection to the digital vehicle`s CAN rail