Panoramic windows

Panoramic glazing significantly enhance the comfort and privacy for passengers . The right choice of panoramic windscreens is also vital for safety. All the windscreens that we fit are Type approved. The buses we manufacture can be equipped with three types of panoramic windscreens. The first type represents laminated panes manufactured in the forcing-through technology carried out in factories. This is the most simple method. You are not required to pay extra for this . The second type of laminated panes is manufactured according to the same technology as the first, with the exception of the last windscreen, which comes in the lengthened version. The most sophisticated type that we fix is a high panoramic windscreen (100cm). In order to fit a windscreen the upper edge of the window has to be raised. In the process of fitting all three types of panoramic windscreens, the panes are firmly joined in order to ensure the construction's reliability and rigidity. In the pictures below you can see vehicles with panoramic glazing. Moreover, the process of joining the glass to the car body provides better rigidity of the whole construction, which in turn leads to better driving control and higher level of comfort. All our window panes run flush with the body of the vehicle. The silver vehicle shown in the photographs is equipped with an electrical door fitted with panoramic glazing. This solution is a part of optional equipment mounted at a customer's request.

In the pictures below the next element of our broad offer can be seen: graphite panoramic glazing of rear door. These panes are manufactured in the forcing- through technology.

We also offer panoramic windscreens with an anti-solar stripe (a usually dark blue stripe along the upper edge of the windscreen) . The upper edge of this pane is raised by 25 cm. This panoramic windscreen comes together with a sun car blind for protection against blinding. There is a possibility of electrical control of this blind (optional).