Body Styling

We are pleased to offer a new type of front bumper for the Mercedes Sprinter. The bumper is integrated with a front spoiler with additional fog lights installed . The spoiler improves the vehicle's aerodynamics and its aesthetics. The back of the vehicle has also undergone some restyling. Integrated lights have been installed, in order to enhance the vehicles visibility and augument the overall safety of the vehicle.

Wheel trims

We offer a range of decorative wheel trims made of either polished aluminium or chromed steel. These wheel trims are available in a variety of designs and sizes.

Styling elements

Apart from a vast range of decorative wheel trims available on our offer, there are many other styling accessories suitable for optional ‘chrome’ equipment package. We offer chrome door handle, as well as, exterior wingmirrors covers. In the pictures below you can see the third element of the ‘chrome’ package: chrome covers for the ‘grill’. The whole ‘chrome’ package considerably enhances the aesthetics of our vehicles. Additionally, we offer a set of wood effect covers mounted on standard dashboards.