EXTRA SPACE SIDE BOOT - Exclusive !!!!!

This is an exceptionally good idea for those customers who want to maximize the available luggage storage stow.

We also offer a boot with the luggage space enlarged by 0.5m3. The original floor of the boot is lowered thus creating the extra space.


The 'Sky' boot is a totally modified rear. In place of double leaf doors, we install a permanent back wall with a fixed window pane. In the lower part of the new wall a vertical boot hatch is fitted. Additionally, we can also enlarge the boot to create extra space for luggage, as well as, space for a spare tyre and tools.


Again this is an optional extra, which we can make to order. The backpack is installed on an additional frame, so as to ensure easy access to the primary boot. It is possible to install backpacks on vehicles with standard boots.